The Pleasures of a Home Herb Garden

Featured have been used as curatives and flavorings for thousands of years. Early cultures found that their pungent flavors made food more palatable, that some would help heal wounds cleanly, and others ease pain and suffering. They were strewn on the floor to release their scents as people walked on them, or carried to disguise unsanitary smells.Early Greek doctors compiled and recorded their herbal remedies, and these became the foundations of all western medicine. Ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptians also recorded and used herbs as medicine.

Every housewife knew which herbs to use for home doctoring, preserving and cooking. Herbals were written, describing plants and stressing their virtues, both medicinal and superstitious. It is interesting to note how many of the medicinal herb constituents are part of today’s medicines.Herbs , as we tend to think of them today, are plants that we use in cooking, for aromatic scents or perhaps to enhance our health. In the last few years, there has been a revival of interest in and appreciation of herbs.More and more people grow them for their beauty as well as their many other uses.Herbs can be perennials, living for several years; biennials which have a two year life cycle.


Creating A Beautiful Garden With Flowers planting a garden there are many questions which you must ask yourself before you begin survival shop. Where are you going to plant it, do you have the garden equipment to do so and how big do you want your garden to be? When do flowers bloom and what are their heights? These are all very important questions, however they mean very little if you have not yet decided which types of flowers you want to plant. There are many to choose from and don’t le anybody tell you which ones you can and can’t plant. Gardens are unique and fascinating to look at because each one is unique it its own way.Survival Shop.

There are endless possibilities of flowers to choose from but if you are unsure of which types of flowers are known to look best in gardens, keep reading and you will find out. The following is a list of the five most popular types of garden flowers chosen by gardeners from all over the United States:  Cosmos – These flowers have the ability to grow anywhere from 12 inches to 4 feet tall. Cosmos are perfect for cutting gardens and are often picked out of gardens and used in flower arrangements. Marigold – Marigolds can be found in yellow, orange, red or a combination of all colors.

This type of flower blooms in 45 to 50 days from sowing and very rarely requires additional water than what the rain provides. Morning Glory – Morning glories have heart shaped leaves and are available in a variety of colors including white, blue, red, pink and lavender. This type of flower has the capability to become more than ten feet high.Zinnia – Zinnias are traditional, old fashioned flowers which are constantly blooming all season. If there is not a lot of rain,